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Building Africa speaker series – available on YouTube

Over the last three months, the ASA project has hosted a series of exciting talks about the politics of architecture. Some of these are now available to watch online. 


They include:


Innocent Batsani-Ncube ‘Not soft, not sharp’: the subtext of China’s subtle power through and in African parliament buildings’


Tomà Berlanda ‘The languages of contemporary architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa: 1960-2020’


Julia Gallagher ‘Building-States: political authority and architecture in Africa’


Kuukuwa Manful, 'Building the nation and constructing class: the architecture of education in Ghana’


Laura Routley 'The architecture of colonial imprisonment: the afterlives of colonial incarceration in Africa’


Nahom Teklu, Khensani Jurczok-de Klerk, Aude Tollo, Lois Quartey, Kuukuwa Manful and Julia Gallagher ‘Academics and architects creating knowledge together: Building Africa’s curators and designers roundtable’


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