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Manful and Gallagher contribute to 'Architectural Guide to Sub-Saharan Architecture'

Manful and Gallagher contribute to Architectural Guide to Sub-Saharan Architecture

The seven-volume guide, edited by Philipp Meuser and Adil Dalbai, surveys Africa’s architecture, covering discussions of its history, theory, forms and methods across 49 countries.

The book provides discussions of ‘the enormous spectrum of architecture in the region, to share the many stories that architecture tells’. Meuser and Adil have used the book to think about the ‘totality of African architecture, everyday architecture, a “real” picture of African cities’.

Manful and Gallagher are just two of 338 authors who have contributed to the work.

Julia Gallagher, ‘State-House: reading statehood through metaphors of home’, volume 1

Kuukuwa O. Manful, ‘Introduction, Ghana’, volume 3

Kuukuwa O. Manful, ‘Indigenous architecture in pre-colonial Ghana’, volume 3


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