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Building Africa Exhibition tours Addis Ababa

The Building Africa Addis Ababa exhibition ended last week, having attracted several hundred visitors and substantial local media interest, with features on Ethiopia’s main TV and Radio stations.

BAE at Meskel Square

The mobile exhibition travelled between the Addis Ababa Museum in Meskel Square, the Creative Hub in Mexico and the Alle School of Fine Art, AAU between 29 April and 5 May.

It told stories from the ASA research project about how buildings create institutions and identities across six African countries.

The exhibition – which included physical and digital elements – was designed by architect Nahom Teklu Bekele.

The physical component was a mobile installation (dubbed ‘movable urban architecture’ by Nahom) , designed in an interactive design charrette with 20 young architect-designers in Addis Ababa.

The digital component consisted of an augmented reality application with video animations and an interactive character – Miss Tilla (ወይዘሪትጥላ) – who guided attendees virtually through the exhibition, with material presented in English and Amharic.

The exhibition was curated by Julia Gallagher and Kuukuwa Manful. It drew on research conducted by Gallagher, Manful, Daniel Mulugeta, Joanne Tomkinson and Innocent Batsani-Ncube.

The exhibition has now gone online. You can see it here.

Watch the TV story here.

Listen to the radio story here.

Read more about the ASA project here.


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