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ASA team to attend ECAS conference

Members of the ASA team will be attending the Edinburgh’s Centre of African Studies conference which takes place between 11-14 June 2019.

Three members of the team will give papers.

Dr Tomkinson

Paper: Resignifying Ethiopia's place in the world: the expansion of Bole International Airport

Panel: 'Africa's enchantment with large-scale infrastructure projects - imperial aspirations re- or undone?'

Date: Friday 14 June, 08:45-12:30

Dr Gebrie

Paper:The Aesthetics of Architecture and Pan-Africanism: the politics of collective identity formation

Panel: Pan African identities in regards to aesthetic phenomena

Date: Friday 14 June, 08:45-12:30

Mr Ncube PhD Candidate

Paper: 'Governing from the opposition?': Tracing the impact of EFF's 'niche populist politics' on ANC policy shifts.

Panel: Populism and democracy in Africa [CRG African Politics and International Relations]

Date: Wednesday 12 June, 10:45-12:30


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