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ASA double panel at BISA conference in June 2020

The ASA team is putting on a double panel at the British International Studies Association annual conference 17-19 June 2020.

The panel is called ‘Architecture and Politics in Africa: making, living and imagining identities through buildings’, and will include papers from members of the team and other scholars based in Africa, the US and UK.

It explores the way architecture helps us understand politics across Africa. Its aim is to establish cross-disciplinary discussions, using a variety of examples and perspectives, and to explain the complex relationships between international and domestic politics.


  • ‘Gatekeeping or gatemaking? Theorising Africa’s international relations through airport infrastructures in Ethiopia and Ghana’, Joanne Tomkinson, SOAS, University of London‘

  • Compromised Tradition: Destruction, Negotiation and the Imaginary Reconstruction of an African Palace’, Tony Yeboah, Yale University

  • ‘From Prison to Freedom’, Laura Routley, Newcastle University‘

  • Understanding the phenomenon Chinese Funded Parliament buildings in Africa’, Innocent Batsani Ncube, SOAS, University of London‘

  • The politics and aesthetics of pan-African identity: the African Union and architectural representation’, Daniel Mulugeta, SOAS, University of London‘

  • University of Juba: a case study of ideology, identity, peace and nation-making in 1970s Sudan’, Awut Atak, University of Kingston

  • ‘Building Statehood in Côte d’Ivoire’, Julia Gallagher, SOAS, University of London‘

  • Monuments of Fragmented Truths: Architecture’s Complicit Nature’, Yusuf Patel, University of Johannesburg‘

  • The Architecture of State Education: Ideology and Citizenship in West African Secondary Schools (1945 to 1965)’, Kuukuwa Manful, SOAS, University of London


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