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Palace of the Wa Naa, Wa, Ghana

Palace of the Wa Naa, Wa, Ghana

16th century

Historically, there were several kingdoms, states, empires, and polities in and extending into the geographical area that later became the nation of Ghana, and these entities constructed buildings to display their power and sovereignty.

Located in Wa, founded in the 16th century and one of the oldest cities in the Northern part of Ghana, the palace of the Wa Naa is the official residence of the paramount chief of the Wala people.

The architectural style is a combination of forms and influences from the traditional ethnic style, Moorish architecture and Sahel-Sudanese architecture.

The graves of previous Wa Naas can be seen at the front of the palace grounds, and the palace continues to hold political, religious, cultural and social significance in the region.

Photo: World Monuments Fund


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