Pan-Africanism: the quest for autonomy in the ages of empire and globalisation

Daniel Mulugeta will give a paper on his work at the John & Elnora Ferguson Centre for African Studies, University of Bradford on Wednesday 8 December at 16.00 GMT. The presentation is entitled 'Pan-Africanism: the quest for autonomy in the ages of empire and globalisation'. In it, Daniel discusses the roots of pan-African ideas and the ways they shape continental politics today.

To register for the talk - which is online - please go to Eventbrite-Pan-Africanism-tickets.

Summary: 'Pan-Africanism: the quest for autonomy in the ages of empire and globalisation'

A guiding principle behind the anti-colonial movements of the mid-20th century, the notion of pan-Africanism has recently been revitalised as the dominant ideology informing how Africa's political, economic and security problems and their solutions are being conceived and appropriated by a wide set of actors. It inspired the Africa Union's (AU) flagship vision of Agenda 2063 which aims to create a politically and economically integrated Africa in 50 years. The talk attempts to unsettle the strands of pan-African thought that associate continental pan-Africanism and the role of the OAU and the AU with the ideals of the unification of all Africans into a single African state.

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