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District Six Museum, Cape Town, South Africa

Submission by Anastasia Nicole Witbooi

Why is this your favourite building?

The District 6 Museum remains my favourite building, due to what it symbolizes. As one of the main urban sites earmarked for destruction in Cape Town, the area was declared a white area in February 1966, following the promulgation of the Group Areas Act of 1950. By the Spring of 1982, the once vibrant and diverse community was forcibly removed from their homes to far removed barren areas on the Cape Flats. A once thriving community, gave way to the presence of bulldozers and a barren wasteland. The District 6 Museum represents a space that is highly personal to me. My great grandparents were amongst those 60 000 residents who were forcibly removed from their home in District 6. The space is a living museum, that invites the contributions of all those who have suffered this devastating injustice, be it in the form of photographs, letters etc. It is a space that is not only dedicated to, but honours and acknowledges the pain and injustice caused by South Africa's oppressive past.

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