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Building Africa Exhibition: 

The Building Africa Exhibition in Ghana is designed by Augustine Owusu-Ansah and Lois N.K Quartey. It will open in November 2023 in Accra.

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Lois N.K Quartey

Meet Lois Naa Kwaale Quartey – an architect and researcher passionate about design, craft, technology, and sustainability. She has researched the use of virtual reality in the built environment and noise exposure in urban schools in Ghana—the second study, published in a co-authored article in the Open Journal of Civil Engineering. Lois has worked on various projects, from family homes to high-rise office buildings and hospitals. Her work is driven by the belief that research-driven design can solve problems, improve human well-being, promote social justice, and contribute to the healing of our planet.


Augustine Owusu-Ansah

Augustine Owusu-Ansah is an architect and partner at Accra-based firm S. Tetteh + Associates (STA). He has worked primarily on design and construction supervision of STAs projects. He was heavily involved in the Advantage Place office complex for the Enterprise Group Ltd, Records Centre for Ghana Revenue Authority and the competition-winning entries for the Judicial Training Institute, New Campus for the Ghana School of Law and the 5000 for 5000 Affordable Housing Prototype. He has a keen interest in the study and design of public space and exploring Ghanaian architectural identity.



Exhibition Design: Approach + Concept

 The Exhibition envisages a maze of webbed walls that show a glimpse of the exhibits obscured through the porous webs. The structure then guides the viewer to each viewpoint, where the display of each thematic area is unobscure for viewing. Each viewpoint ideally offers a framed view of the related exhibits, being a metaphorical mini observatory. 


Exhibition in Accra

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