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Building Africa Exhibition: Ethiopia

The Building Africa Exhibition in Ethiopia is designed by architect Nahom Teklu Bekele.

It will open on 29th April, 2023 at the Addis Abeba Museum.

Nahom Teklu.png

Nahom Teklu, 2022

Photography ©Kalkidan Abebe, Entoto Park, Addis Abeba

Nahom Teklu Bekele

Nahom is a young and visionary architect, urban strategist, and curator who graduated with a BSc degree in architecture from Addis Ababa science and technology university in 2017. His work is shaped by designing for humanity through working on architecture, researching urbanization, exploring urbanism, and directing curation for lighting a greater positive impact on socio-spatial justice, and urban livelihood worthy of human dignity. Nahom has a merged aspired architectural practice, community building initiative, and an open-source media, NArcHome Architecture, established back in September 2017 to provide an engaging, active, and public platform for shared urban knowledge, urban etiquette, and city archives.

Exhibition Design: Approach + Concept

The Ethiopia exhibition consists of physical and digital components. The physical component is a mobile installation that will be moved between three locations in Addis Abeba. The design for the mobile installation (dubbed "movable urban architecture" by the designer) was generated through an interactive design charrette. The digital component consists of an augmented reality application with video animations and an interactive character - Miss Tilla (ወይዘሪት ጥላ) - who will guide attendees virtually through the exhibition, with material presented in English and Amharic. 

Gallery: Design Charrette

Gallery: Physical Installation Construction

Video: Design Charrette

Gallery: Virtual Exhibition

ASA- Addis Abeba- Design Charrette

ASA- Addis Abeba- Design Charrette

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Gallery: Mobile Exhibition in Addis Abeba

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