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Politics of Architecture in Africa workshop

Delegates prepare to give their presentations at GSA Metro (front of picture, Marie, Jo, Laura and Giulia)

Eighteen scholars working on politics and architecture in Africa met for a week-long workshop at the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Studies in early December 2019.

We spent a fascinating week together, with intensive discussions about our work, which explores how politics plays out through, in and around buildings across 13 countries across the continent. Our activities included small-group discussions in the gorgeous atmosphere of the JIAS headquarters, with visits to the Constitutional Court, Soweto and Ponte City.

There was plenty of time for food and discussion (pictured, Emmanuel and Tondi).

The week also included a public event with keynote talks from Mphethi Morojele of MMA Architects, António Tomás from GSA and Julia Gallagher from SOAS, hosted by the GSA, and chaired by Farieda Nazier from the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture at UJ.

We ended with a formal presentation of papers and more discussion. 

At the Constitutional Court (pictured, Kuukuwa)

Julia, Daniel and Jo are now preparing a book proposal based on the outcomes of the workshop.

The delegates were: Irene Appeaning Addo, Awut Atak, Daniel Mulugeta, Julia Gallagher, Marie Gibert, Tonderai Koschke, Thandi Loewenson, Jabu Absalom Makhubu, Kuukuwa Manful, Innocent Batsani Ncube, Emmanuel Kusi Ofori-Sarpong, Yusuf Patel, Laura Routley, Giulia Scotto, Caio Simoes de Araujo, António Tomás, Joanne Tomkinson and Tony Yeboah.

Irene gives her paper at the GSA Metro

The workshop was jointly organised and funded by JIAS, the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg and the SOAS ASA project.


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