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Manful receives SOAS impact and knowledge exchange funding

Kuukuwa Manful, ASA Doctoral Researcher, has received funding from The SOAS Impact and Knowledge Exchange Fund (IKE) to produce digital audiovisual content around Ghanaian architectural and urban histories and archives.

The SOAS Impact and Knowledge Exchange Fund (IKE) provides consolidated support for

SOAS researchers to amplify impact and foster knowledge exchange. The digital content Kuukuwa will produce as part of this will communicate research findings from the building Early Accra (bEA) project (, which she is the Principal Investigator of, and promote more interest in Ghanaian histories. The bEA project has digitised a collection of architectural and administrative archival records created from as early as 1894 in what was then known as The Gold Coast.

The core audience for the digital audiovisual content is people on the African continent and in various African diasporas whose stories and histories are often the subject of foreign-funded research projects but rarely have these research findings communicated to them in accessible formats. The material will be available on the Accra Archive website.


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